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Monday, August 24, 2015

playing and eating our way through the city

WE ATE AT SHAKE SHACK! It was glorious. I've been hearing nonstop from my friends in New York how amazing it is. I love that Chicago has a location too! It's located in this gorgeous end-of-the-nineteenth-century building with glass tile floors and vaulted ceilings and I pretty much can't get enough of it. Which is good, because the night before we went to Shake Shack I got a killer stomach ache and could barely choke down the cheeseburger Paul and I shared. But I endured, all in the name of fat.

During our weekend staycation, we pretty much hung around Millennium Park all morning until we went back to our apartment for nap time. It's exhausting to bring hobbits along on adventures, but I can't just sit around at home while the city of Chicago is at our doorstep. We might not be here forever, so I want to enjoy the city while I can! Paul loves his job (I have to force him to come home sometimes) but he could easily be transferred, so I want to soak up as much fun here as possible. Anyway, my hobbits were pretty much the best kids ever considering how much time they spent in the stroller. Jack happily slept in the stroller and nursed whenever we stopped in a shady spot. He really is the easiest baby, until you stick him in his car seat. Oh, how we hate the car seat!

^^^Buckingham fountain

We also ate at The Bongo Room, which blew my mind. I had the white chocolate pretzel pancakes and I couldn't finish them all. (stupid stomach ache. I blame you, Qdoba)

Millennium Park had this fantastic, giant playground that Lily loved. However, I didn't love it because it was insanely crowded and each section of the park had multiple entrances/exits so it was so easy to lose Lily. Usually, I'm a hands-off, go explore and play with other kids kind of parent at the park, but not at this one. I was afraid to let her out of my sight. I don't know that I would recommend going on a Saturday or with especially young children.

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  1. That playground sounds intense...but it sounds like you had a great time! I'm so sorry you had a stomachache; BOO! I must ask--what are those hairy/vein-y statue legs Jack is parked by?