Friday, April 15, 2011

Christmas in April

One of the best things about Paul is that he makes every where we go seem like Six Flags.
Tonight I attempted to take him on a date instead of the other way around. He's been really stressed about finals next week and I thought that he needed a well-deserved break.

I failed miserably.

Paul loves calzones more than just about any kind of food.

So, I was going to take him to Pizzeria 712 to get him one.

Not only was there a super long wait, but we took a look at the menu and decided that all they served was hippie food anyway.

Next time I'll just leave the date night to the professional (Paul)

So, we left and went to Malawi Pizza in the Riverwoods.

Then we went to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and got ice cream.

I caught Paul unawares enjoying his sherbet.

Then we discovered one of the coolest toy stores ever.

It had a GIANT gumball machine

and a really cute flying squirrel

we got a little stuffed eating pizza

Then we went golfing at Myrtle Beach. No big deal.

Well, sort of.

We went to Provo Beach Resort and played on a golf course simulator.

That counts, right?

This place had everything cool - laser tag, a surfing simulator, a ropes course, and even a live band.

Then we walked around the Riverwoods and enjoyed the lights.

And then we came home and returned to studying for finals.


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  1. I didn't know that Riverwoods had skee-ball. That's awesome.