Thursday, April 21, 2011

Housing Dilemma

okay, so we have more housing issues than Better Homes and Garden magazine

First, we couldn't find a good place to live at all.

Now, we have two good places to choose from.

And we can't decide which one to get.

So, help us decide.

Both places are equal walking distance from campus and cost the same amount.

No, I'm not even joking.

The Condominium
  • it is huge
  • it is brand new
  • it has a huge kitchen
  • it has a dining area
  • it has two bedrooms and two full bathrooms
  • it has walk-in closets
  • it has washer & dryer, dishwasher, and microwave
  • it has under ground parking and guest parking
  • it has a balcony with a wonderful view of the lake and mountains
  • it has three very long flights of stairs to walk up
  • it has neighbors in the same building
  • I am so done with having neighbors live so close to me
  • no yard
  • no pets
  • it's in an apartment complex
The cute house
  • it has three bedrooms and one bathroom
  • it has a built in kitchen table which is so cute
  • it has washer and dryer
  • it is a house, which means our neighbors wouldn't bother me as much
  • we would stay in the same ward that we're in now
  • it has a brand new renovated bathroom and kitchen
  • it has a LOFT
  • it has a yard
  • it has basement storage space
  • it has a front porch
  • did I mention the lack of close proximity neighbors?
  • it is an older home
  • it has a squeaky living room floor (we'll always know if someone is in the house, right?)
  • it's run by a property management company which makes us nervous

Can you guess who favors each place?


  1. i'd vote the house, only cause i'd love to have a yard for a grill and a puppy and a hammock and croquet/cornhole parties. you know. also, property management can be helpful when things break? and i love older homes. i live on the 3rd floor right now, and it sucks so bad with groceries, let alone a carseat or anything else... and i love front porches.

  2. House, hands down. I'll never live in another apartment. Noisy floors are nothing compared to noisy neighbors!

    Not to mention, with a yard, you guys will be able to train for nut-huckin' season!

  3. The house - you have far less cons, plus it's a HOUSE. Also your con about "it's an older home," is actually a pro since older homes come with history and old memories. :)

  4. Compare utility costs. Did you inquire about utilities? That may make one cost more than the other.
    Who will do the yard work at the house? I like doing yard work so that's not a negative for me, but Paul may not have time.
    Are you sure you can't get a first floor condo at this early date?
    Good luck as you guys iron this out. Sounds like a "win-win" to me.

  5. The house sounds GREAT! Plus, I'd love you to stay in the ward; hee hee...

  6. Mandy, this is so very biased that no opinion on here is worth a can of beans unless they just don't like apartments no matter what. Perhaps Paul can give a much better treatment as far as the condominium is concerned.