Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nebraska Adventure Part 1

We made it to Denver!

Well, technically it's called Pine Junction, but it's close to Denver.

You know those mountains overlooking Denver? Well my in-laws basically live on top of one of those mountains.

Have I ever mentioned how cool my in-laws are?

Well they are.

I never thought that I would be lucky enough to not have a monster-in-law.

My FIL is great too. I like him because he loves everything I bake.

This morning, I baked yeast sweet rolls and he put Blue Bell ice cream on top of his sweet roll. I told him that he will probably end up in sweet tooth hell.

(my view from the kitchen porch)

I consider their house my vacation home. Their house is nestled in the middle of the woods on top of a mountain. We don't even have cell phone service here. Call me weird, but that is so comforting to me. They also spoil me rotten here. I even have an apron that says 'Queen of Everything'.

I love the scenic drive to my in-laws' house. Every time we reach Loveland Pass, I roll down the window and stick my hands out until they're numb from cold. The cold up here feels different than the cold in Utah. It is probably just from the higher elevation.

(this a tunnel through a mountain near Loveland Pass)

We leave Colorado on Monday morning for Nebraska!

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  1. Sweet Tooth Hell... Yeah, there's another name for that; it's called "Type II Diabetes"... :p