Thursday, May 26, 2011


Maybe I said I was great with wee kiddos, until I babysat a friend's kids today and gave one of them a few too many cookies.

Maybe I said I wasn't going to eat any of those cookies and then I ate four.

Maybe I still crush hard on my husband.

Maybe I even still write him love notes and leave them on his pillow.

Maybe I really miss Provo, even though I was ecstatic to leave it.

Maybe I used to love staying in hotels, until I lived in one for a month thanks to my husband's job.

Maybe husband sits on my legs, tickles my stomach, and calls this torture 'writing letters to Snoopy'.

Maybe I love picking out my future babies' furniture and clothes before they're even conceived yet.

Maybe I lay in bed in a hotel and read all day long. (Only some days)

Maybe I have eaten an entire value pack of Gushers in two days.

Maybe husband and I are in a 'domestic partnership' on Facebook because he's actually married to Battlefield.

Maybe I can totally pwn husband at Halo... and have always been able to.

Maybe I love my life because my husband is in it.

1 comment:

  1. When me and Jonathan were long distance dating we always wrote each love letters, so I still try to keep that going even if it's not very often.

    .......and I totally agree with you about liking hotels before haha.. It used to be "cool". I'm pretty sure I'll be okay if I'm not in one for a veeeerry long time.