Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Long story made short: I surprised my family and drove to Texas.

Paul and I have migrated out of Omaha. I'd really rather not go into details.

We drove to my in-laws' house in Pine, Colorado (near Denver) and Paul and I said our goodbyes to each other.

My in-laws have been planning a trip to Houston to see Paul's grandmother.

So I hopped in the car and drove with them. They dropped me off at my grandparents' house and went on their way to Houston this morning.

Are you wondering where Paul is?


He is driving our truck to ALASKA.

Yes, I am serious.

We are moving to Alaska!

I am flying up there in a few days to meet Paul.

Paul will still work for his current company.

Are we crazy?


Don't worry, we plan to be back in Utah for school in the fall.

(probably, I don't know if we will ever want to go back)


  1. That's mother flipping AWESOME! You probably won't want to come back :)

  2. Woah!! That's craziness! Have fun in Alaska! :D

  3. =) good times!!! - Rebecca

  4. Dear Mandy, yeah you better freakin' be moving back...or else!!
    love me