Friday, July 8, 2011


Happy Birthday, my Polliwog.

Funniest things about Paul:

-Boy freaks when his toothbrush bristles touch the bathroom counter. But doesn't mind sharing a toothbrush with me ('cause we make out anyway, right?)

-He may seem tough, but loves to snuggle

-He roars like a dinosaur when eating something he really likes

-He capitalizes all of the wrong letters

-He loves to roll down the windows and blare Lady Gaga

-He never walks in the door without a smile on his face; he's always happy. It's kind of freaky.

-He loves his Dr.Pepper. Seriously, try to take it away from him. He bites.

-At night, he steals the sheets and curls up with them until he looks like a mummy.

-At night, he also talks in his sleep like nobody's business. I wake up to him discussing business, politics, and shooting down helicopters (too much Battlefield?)

I love you, Paul. You're my best friend. I'm really glad we're hanging out/married for eternity. You make life so much fun.

1 comment:

  1. I love that picture of Paul. I seriously remember that. Paul has an infectious smile. It is truly his greatest quality, and lights up any room. He was the most adorable baby, and you will have adorable children.

    He's not a bad guy to spend eternity with!