Monday, August 1, 2011

Goodbye, First Trimester!

The nausea, bathroom frequency, hormonal imbalances, acne and other unmentionables have been really fun, but I really must say adieu.

It's all beautiful, of course. Even when I'm slumped over the toilet, freezing, and trying to avoid getting throw up in my hair, it's beautiful. My giddiness over being a momma greatly outweighs my deplorable physical state.

My poor, sweet, bewildered Paul has taken my emotional ups and downs very well, considering the circumstances. He comes from a family of five boys, so all of this female and baby stuff kind of throws him for a loop. He went to my first obstetrician appointment a few weeks ago and his eyes were this big.

He copes with all of this baby stuff through fish therapy. So far the therapy has shown many positive results.

The only downside to fish therapy is that he comes home with a miasma of fishy smells. Never in my life have I been overly bothered by the fishy smell. Now, however, it sends me running for the nearest sink or toilet.

Dear mommas out there, how long did your morning sickness last?

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  1. My morning sickness for all three of my darnlings only lasted the first trimester. Occasionally I'd feel sick after that, but it was few and far between. I understand the fishy smell--blah!! My hubby is Samoan so they love to eat a lot of...questionable things.

    It's truly after all the cranky, bitchiness when we are pregnant, post-pardom, and after that, is when the light comes on and we recognize what amazing men we are married to for sticking by us, holding our hair back, and loving us no matter how we freak out on them.

    Good luck!