Thursday, September 29, 2011

Anniversary weekend

Last Friday, Paul and I celebrated our one year anniversary.

I've grown to love him more and more every day of our marriage. I never would have believed that possible after our wedding day, when I thought that I would burst from how much I loved him.

This weekend was full of so many good things.

We went to the bookstore and added to our munchkin's small but rapidly growing book collection.

(we also got to take a peek at baby on an ultrasound scan - that always makes me a happy momma)

Then we had a lovely anniversary dinner at Texas Roadhouse.

And did I mention that our anniversary also fell on the night of a BYU football game that we had tickets to? My sweet hubby gave up going to the game in order to take me out.

But I knew he was suffering, so we went to the second half of the game.

And BYU won! Paul was one happy husband.

This picture shows how concentrated on the game he was. Didn't even notice he was getting macked on! Rude!

Also, the fall colors in Utah are finally showing themselves.

We went for a romantic drive on Sunday up the Alpine Loop.

I love aspen trees.

(I especially love getting kissed while being surrounded by aspens)

Notice my thumb in the picture above. Sigh.

Fall is really here! I pulled into Macey's grocery the other morning and look at what they were unloading!

P.S. - Have you voted on the side panel yet? --->

P.S.S. - Watch this and die laughing.

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