Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Awful Waffle

So a few weeks ago my new sister-in-law and I became obsessed with this new quaint little shop near BYU campus called

We went together for the first time and agreed that next time we needed to bring our men. (which we did in consecutive visits)

It knocked out my sweet tooth. I didn't know waffles could be this delicious. I'll never be able to eat freezer waffles again.

We took pictures and had a grand ol' time munching on our Belgian waffles, and then I came home and blogged about it... so I thought.

Last night, I went to a Relief Society activity in our new ward. Low and behold, the actual owner of the shop is a member of our ward and made crepes for us all. I was so excited to tell Ashley that I loved her shop and that I had even blogged about it. So she hands me her iPhone and says that she wants to see my blog.

Then I couldn't find my post.

I was a little distraught.
(#pregnancy hormones)

So I came home and discovered that I never published the post that I wrote. Whoops! I do this with many of my posts, this nasty habit is ending soon.

Anyway, run, don't walk, and try an awful waffle. You'll be awfully (and wafflely) delighted.

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