Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Things that made me happy today

1. Early anniversary present from Paul; my favorite bubble bath.
2. A jar of spiced whipped honey from Santa Fe, courtesy of my grandmother and homemade bread baked by my darling neighbor.
3. My pregnant belly.

Things that made me not so happy today:
1. Me and baby have a horrendous cold.
2. I went to class against my better judgment.
3. A girl in that class said that "every person [she had] ever met from Texas was an ignorant, Bush-loving alcoholic with no education." I responded with, "well your clear plastic bra straps make you look like you're stuffed in a six-pack ring." I cried afterwards in my car for saying such a mean thing to her. I once again blame the pregnancy hormones.
4. I have a sink full of dishes again.


  1. I swear dirty dishes multiply! ugh! Sorry about that wrenched girl. boo. I can't believe someone would say that! And YES! Your pregnant belly is ADORABLE!! =)

  2. Oh dear girl, so happy that you have such great things in your life. Sad that there are more things that make you not so happy, but at the same time, lets blame it all on being prego! You are looking cute!