Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Letters to baby

Dear Lily,

Can you believe that you're two weeks old already? Two whole weeks! I feel like your little life is happening so quickly; I expected more time than this. I find myself wishing that I could lasso a rope around that fickle friend we call time; he is not on my side as of late. Your face alone has changed so much since we left the hospital - I wish I could hold you tightly enough to stop you from growing. You have new facial expressions, your eyes are opening more every day, and your umbilical cord fell off last Friday, which I am ashamed to admit that I shed tears over. As scary as the thought of you growing so quickly is, it is also thrilling and intoxicating at the same time. I'm anticipating your first real smile, your first day of kindergarden, and maybe even your first date. (okay, maybe not that last one...) I save every special moment between us deep in my heart - such as every time you nuzzle into my shoulder, or are comforted by just the sound of my voice. I don't ever want to cease clutching these miraculous moments to my heart. To think that they are so freely given to me by our Heavenly Father baffles me. What did I do in my infinitely imperfect life to deserve you? You, this perfect little person. I don't know how I favored so well, but I am determined to not waste a minute of it. I suppose that is why I write you letters - I want you to know someday how loved and cherished you have been since day one. You are my sweet little baby, and though you won't always be so little, (or sweet, I'm already thinking of your teenage years) you will always be mine and I will always be yours. I love you, my little blessing.

your mother

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  1. I'm definitely starting to see a lot of Mandy in her :)