Saturday, March 24, 2012

a family of three

I love being a family of three.

A friend suggested a Moby wrap to help with Lily's colic, and it has worked wonders. She falls asleep in it, which allows me to get important things done like brush my teeth every day. We've been taking family walks with the Moby wrap to the river since the weather has been splendid all week. It's the kind of weather where the sun is just bright enough to warm your skin and the breeze is just soft enough to ruffle the frizzies in your unbrushed hair. Yes, I have lots of frizzies these days. Welcome to motherhood.

Lily keeps growing and developing. I kind of wish she'd stop, but I do love her little smiles. Last night was the first time she smiled that it didn't seem like just gas. I was changing her diaper and Paul was dancing and being ridiculous and she smiled. Oh, the embarrassing things we are willing to do for a grin in this house.

Being a family of three has changed everything about us. Motherhood is a blessing in every way, but some days it feels like I am utterly failing at it. When I was pregnant, I blindly expected every moment with my baby to be bliss. Some days I feel like I am drowning in unwashed bottles, poopy diapers, and making meals. Just when I feel like I've taken my last breath of sanity, Lily falls asleep hugging my shoulder and I resurface, knowing that it is all worth it. Our married student ward has been... indescribably supportive. One whiff that I was struggling, and all week the other women in the ward prepared and brought over hot meals for us. Their generosity and kindness helped in more ways than they can ever fully know. Being the recipient of service always humbles me and is a reminder that God places people in my life to help me up when I stumble. 

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  1. She looks so darling. The moby wrap saved me too, it is so genious. And I never felt more the recipient if true service as after ellis was born and those meals came in... A time I truly needed help, and it was given in such a perfect way. It is now my favorite way to give back to others. Thank goodness for the church.