Saturday, April 21, 2012

letters to baby

Dear Lily,

My favorite time of day is right after your 6:00am feeding. You fall asleep on my shoulder, mouth open and breathe warm, milk-scented baby breath into my face as I watch the sun rise. Occasionally, you make sweet little noises that sound like a cross between a sigh and a snore. I cannot get enough of these moments. No matter how utterly exhausted I am, no matter how much my back aches, the overwhelming idea that I am blessed enough to be a part of this moment with you makes my heart stand still. You are growing and changing so much every day that I feel like your babyhood is slowly slipping through my fingers. I scan over pictures of you from the week we brought you home from the hospital and I ache when I see how much you've already changed. I've always been told to enjoy these moments while I can, but I never knew that they would pass so rapidly. Thank you for every little moment we share. Each one stays locked inside of me and I cherish each like a rare gem.

your mother

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