Wednesday, May 9, 2012

a baby lives here

I feel about this big today.

Our dream house went on the market and was under contract in six hours the other day.

After all of my searching, I knew this was our house.

We're the backup offer, but it is doubtful we will get it.

I've been moping around the house for the past two days. This morning, I was thinking about how ugly our current house is and how lovely my dream house is. Then I looked around me and saw the sun shining through my windows and evidence that a baby lives here. I immediately felt better.

Whatever else may be going wrong in my life, I still have the greatest blessing of all - my baby.

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  1. You've made your home look lovely! And I can't believe how clean you're able to get those diapers!

  2. House hunting & house buying is a heartbreaking process. I will pray you find the perfect one. I know that even after buying our "dream home" it is really easy for me to be looking forward to our next "dream home". There is always bigger & better. I can't believe I'm sharing advice i found on pinterest but came across the expression "don't let comparison steal your joy" and it helps me keep grounded. Maybe we can help each other find meaning in the struggle! Love you.