Wednesday, May 30, 2012

snickerdoodles, summer, and softball games

"dramatically eating a delicious cookie"

Once upon a time, I baked delicious cream-filled snickerdoodle cookies, placed them decoratively on a classy paper plate, and brought them to husband's softball game for his teammates.

...and then no one ate them.

Now I'm home alone with a plate of cream-filled snickerdoodle cookies. I don't know if I should feel highly offended or happy that they're now all mine.

I'll start eating healthier... tomorrow. 

Paul's team won their first game but lost their second game by one point. One jerk on the other team talked a lot of trash. I almost threw a flaming poopy diaper at his head, but fortunately for him, I hadn't brought a lighter.

And yes, I'm aware that my little girl is dressed as a little boy. But doesn't she look just precious as a little slugger?
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