Friday, September 14, 2012

month seven

Party tricks:

-crawling everywhere
-scooting everywhere
-rolling, rolling, rolling
-pulling herself up in our laundry basket
-sharing an ice cream cone with her daddy and screaming when he doesn't take turns
-turning herself round and round in the bathtub
-eating bath bubbles
-giving her pacifier away when she thinks someone is upset
-yelling for mama
-yelling for food
-yelling at cars
-yelling at Elmo
-yelling at her grandmother's oxygen tube
-yelling at random passerby
-trying to break out of her carseat
-trying to break open the safety locks we've had to place all around the house
-getting into everything she shouldn't
-being a ham
-manipulating her daddy into feeding her things he shouldn't
-throwing her strained vegetables onto the floor
-manipulating her daddy into letting her play with her vegetables instead of eating them
-calling people on our phones
-sticking her tongue out every time she smiles
-standing up in the laundry basket and falling over face-first
-eating mama's embroidery thread
-cuddling with us when she doesn't feel well (probably because she ate mama's thread)
-"helping" us eat our food
-trying to steal our cups, straws, and headbands

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