Saturday, January 26, 2013

I didn't sleep last night. Also, dementors are breeding in my backyard.

Finally, an explanation for why my life feels so wretched as of late: dementors in my backyard. Dementoids (sorry, I'm a muggle) probably need to celebrate Valentine's Day as well and they've shacked up together in my backyard. I've always suspected as much. Either that, or Stephen King has decided to move in next door and brought THE MIST with him. Or possibly, we are all really dwarves and we've somehow teleported to the Misty Mountains (crossing my fingers on that one, though I don't fancy a beard). Can I please have some dwarves sing me to sleep at night with this song?Anyway, I am baking cinnamon rolls and putting soup in my crockpot on this foggy day. Don't tell anyone, but I really love misty days when I don't have to drive anywhere. 

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