Tuesday, February 5, 2013

charity never faileth, especially when there's Blue Bell ice cream involved

So in approximately one hundred and sixty-eight hours, (read: one week from today) Paul is going to sweep me off my feet and take me to the beach, er, Provo Beach resort. He's going to woo me with his impressive bowling skills and we're going to unabashedly feed Blue Bell ice cream to each other (just kidding. maybe.)

Did I mention that he's doing all that and supporting a charity at the same time? Nothing sweeter than a guy who supports charity.The Provo Beach resort is hosting a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club called the Ultimate Beach Date. We're asking that you grab a date and join us there! I'll even be giving away one of my embroidery hoops to one Facebook friend or blog member that comes to support the Boys and Girls Club. Remember, charity never faileth - especially when there's Blue Bell involved.

This sponsored post comes to you from the Boys and Girls Club and the Provo Beach Resort

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