Monday, March 11, 2013

Sunday afternoon

We had a perfect Sunday afternoon.

We got married on a day like yesterday.

It was just sunny enough to warm the freckles on my skin,

just cool enough to enjoy a long walk,

and  just happy and peaceful enough that I want to stamp it into my memory forever.

I baked blackberry streusel muffins on Saturday night, so as to ease waking up an hour earlier to make it to church on time.

Lily ate at least six throughout the day.

Paul took some to his men's church class and used a really funny muffin analogy to teach his lesson.

After church, we took a three hour long family nap (that's unheard of in these parts) and then ventured out on a walk around our neighborhood.

Paul pushed our adventurous little hobbit on the swing and she squealed with delight every time he pushed her higher.  Those peals of jubilation make the pits of heart sing every time.

Springtime is probably here. At least, my tulips think so. Little shoots are springing up out of the cold ground, aching for warmth.

Lily and I are leaving for Texas today, sans Paul. I've stocked the fridge with chocolate milk and washed all of Paul's laundry so that he will be well taken care of while I'm gone.

We're really going to miss him, but I've been counting down the hours until I get to see my little sister.

Wish me luck - I'm  crossing my fingers that Lily is a sweetie on the airplane like she has been the last three times we've flown. 


  1. We took a 4 hour nap! (I love Sundays) and we probably should have gone for a walk haha. I'm glad spring is here? hopefully to stay..

    PS: I love your pictures. You're a great photographer.

  2. Good luck flying! No matter how many times I fly with Millie, I think I will always be nervous about it.