Saturday, April 20, 2013

slide queen

Last Saturday, we attended our end-of-the-year BBQ with our church group. There was a playground right next to our setup (well played, activities coordinator) and my happy hobbit found the slides. Over and over again, we put her at the top of the slide and she pushed herself down. There was much jubilation to be had and squeals ensued for at least an hour straight. By the end of the day, all of her hair was standing on end like a little crown... a crown declaring her the queen of slides. 

She also has learned how to run, much to my dismay. If I even mention the word 'diaper', she drops everything and runs away, chubby cheeks jiggling in her rush to escape a changing. Sneaky hobbit.


  1. Okay seriously- Lily and Millie would be best friends!! Millie's obsessed with the slide right now too. Won't let me help her at all. Maybe someday they can slide together!!