Monday, April 8, 2013

there is no such thing as 'too many cinnamon rolls'

This past weekend was General Conference weekend for us Mormon kids over here. 

I always get really excited for General Conference for several reasons:

The first being that it's a marvelous excuse to veg out and eat cinnamon rolls. The calories from the cinnamon rolls get cancelled out from all of the fist pumps you do during Elder Holland's talks.

The second being that after basking in spiritual awesomeness for a total of eight hours over the weekend, I feel like I can kick the world in the face with my renewed vigor for life. "BURN DOWN PROVO CANYON, HECK YEAH!" 
(that's a joke, by the way. To better understand it, watch this)

And the third reason is because of all of the family cuddling business going on. I'm pretty sure that at one point, my brain tried to tell Paul's fingers to scratch my nose. In between cuddling sessions, Lily enjoyed helping me knead the cinnamon roll dough and enthusiastically chittering back to whichever speaker was on the screen at the time.

Anyway, I submit that there is really no finer way to spend your weekend than stuffing your gob with cinnamon rolls, cuddling with your people, and listening to LDS Church leaders speak. Only six more months until we get to do it again!


  1. agreed. what's even better is that my next door neighbor BROUGHT us cinnamon rolls, so not only did we get to eat them, but I didn't have to make them. win win over here :)

  2. Ugh, YES!! Elder Hollands was by far my favorite! So many fist pumps went up during that! Adore ;)
    xo TJ

  3. It's not lost on me that you have a diabetes guest post above all this cinnamon roll talk ;)