Monday, June 17, 2013

greetings from the mountains!

Can I just say how much we are loving Colorado? Every evening, there are booming thunder and lightning storms that roll over the mountains. The next morning, the greenery shows its thanks to the world for the rain. Everywhere you look, there is green, green, and more green! Wildflowers bespeckle the mountain's face like freckles. Hummingbirds flit in and out of sight, through the trees, down the hill, over the roof, and back again! It's such a sport to watch the hummingbirds. There is so much beauty here. 

Lily has a new best friend named Lady, who is a cocker spaniel. Lily feeds Lady pieces of hot dog and pats her on the nose. In return, Lady guards the door to Lily's bedroom while she sleeps and follows her around the house. It's a very mutually beneficial relationship.

I don't have cell phone reception here. It has been so nice - no browsing instagram, no scrolling through Facebook, no Words with Friends. I've been trilling on my in-laws' baby grand piano and chasing my hobbit  once, twice, a thousand times around their living room. It's an open floor plan with a fireplace in the middle, and she has enjoyed doing laps (much to the exhaustion of her grandparents) around it. Tomorrow, I think I'll bake a cheesecake and take a nap.


  1. This post didn't make me feel very thrilled that I'm moving away from Colorado in 2 weeks. To make up for it I will require you to hang out with me when I return to Provo. so there.

    1. Um, absolutely! Can you believe that it's been three years since we were roomies? It feels like just yesterday!

  2. You're pictures are so precious! Love finding new blogs!!