Saturday, August 17, 2013

month eighteen

Party tricks:

-Can say and identify letters A-C, S, T, and Z
-Telling herself "no no no, Yi-Ye" when she's doing something that she knows she isn't supposed to.
-Escaping through the doggie door
-Blowing kisses and saying, "byeeeeee" whenever someone leaves. She even waves at people that are leaving the grocery store aisle that we're in.
-Giving dirty looks (seriously, I have no idea where she learned that from)
-Hugging her friends goodbye
-Pointing to her nose (nooo), her mouth (mowww), ears, and tummy.
-Picking her nose
-Drinking out of a glass
-Using a fork and spoon
-Counting to three on her fingers
-Signing milk, sorry, and thirsty
-She knows the dance moves to Happy Tapping with Elmo, The Ants Go Marching In, and We're Going on a Bear Hunt
-Reading to herself in her room multiple times a day
-Playing fetch with Rosie (a post coming on Rosie soon)
-Throwing balls
-Playing fetch (with us throwing the ball)
-Jumping (she bends down low and springs up quickly without actually leaving the ground)
-Still loves to play peek-a-boo
-Giving very serious speeches from the bathtub podium. She's going to be a great orator someday.
-Rocking her baby and giving it a pacifier and a kiss
-Calling for Nandy (Mandy). She does not say "mama", she calls me by my first name. I think it's awesome.
-Retrieving her shoes when we tell her that it's time to go outside
-Sharing her toys and then patting her friend on the back (some of the time).
-Squatting low at someone smaller than her and saying, "why, hello!" or "oh hey!"
-Putting other toddler's shoes on herself
-Repelling off of mama and daddy's bed
-Laughing at her own jokes
-Asking for cookies
-Identifies matching pictures
-Tooting loudly while someone is praying
-Crossing her arms when someone is praying and then clapping for them as they say "amen".
-Grabbing her blanket from her crib, carrying it to wherever I am, and laying on it to tell me that she is tired.
-Pretending to be asleep so that she doesn't have to get out of her car seat
-Clapping for herself when she does something awesome

Words she is saying:
Nandy/Nanny (Mandy)
Yi-Ye (Lily)
nana/buhluhluh (banana)
Melmo (Elmo)
Nernie (Ernie)
Singing her ABC song incoherently. She's got most of the tune down, though
What is it?
Where did it go?
why, hello!
oh hey!
joo (juice)
Mar (uncle Marc)


  1. This is so fun! That's a beautiful picture of her...I love the tum popping out; CUTIE! It's always astounding to see the rate at which a child learns and it's so fun when they talk up a storm and do all sorts of new, neat things! Hooray for Lily!

  2. I think my favorite is the "tooting loudly while someone is praying". SO FUNNY! Oh my gosh, I just love this post.

  3. Congrats on 18 months!

    Catherine (your newest follower)