Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Meet Rosie:

About eight months ago, Lily began to notice dogs. And by notice, I mean, she was practically leaping out of her carseat/stroller/my arms to get to a dog if we saw one within a quarter mile. We live across the street from an elementary school and park, so multiple times a day, Lily would stand in our floor length front windows and point at the dogs. When we would ask her what a dog says, she would promptly pant and smile. Which is kind of the cutest thing ever. So, what did we do? We put our heads together and got a puppy, of course. 

But not just any puppy. We got a Rosie.

Rosie is quite possibly the coolest dog in all the land. We adopted her at the beginning of July, when she was about nine weeks old. 

Lily and Rosie are inseparable. Each time we turn onto our street, Lily begins asking, "Woosie? Woosie?" because she knows that that is who will greet us the moment we walk in the door. They're always thrilled to be reunited after a short trip to the grocery store. 

Rosie accompanies us pretty much every where. She's particularly fond of the park due to the ample amount of slides available.

Like I said, Lily adores Rosie. And Rosie adores Lily. Poor Rosie gets sat on, prodded, pulled on, and kissed multiple times a day and she handles it like a champ. Each morning however, Lily is awoken to her hair being licked upwards through the crib bars by Rosie. We consider it a symbiotic relationship.

Rosie has become an integral part of our family like I never could have imagined. There was one point in her puppy life that I was ready to escort her promptly to the pound because she ate all of my naturalized tulip bulbs, but I consented that this was what I had signed up for and allowed her to stay. 

We all love Rosie. I guess what I meant by "we got a Rosie" was actually, "a Rosie got us". Because really, that's how it happened. When we met her for the first time, she looked at us like, "finally, my people have shown up."


  1. I love Rosie! She is so well mannered, especially around little kids. I was so impressed that Lily could just recline all over her and she didn't even flinch. What kind of dog is she?

  2. This is so cute Mandy. Love their relationship.