Sunday, July 5, 2015

Phillips family Fourth (say that five times fast)

I promised myself that I would update our family blog for Jack's sake since I posted so much when Lily was a baby. However, this post is full of pictures of Lily so, mom fail. Whatever.

I contemplated going downtown for Chicago's Navy Pier fireworks, but then I remembered that we're trying to get on a better bedtime routine and that just wasn't going to happen. I'm grateful that we still had a fun evening without the stress of huge crowds and noise. We went to downtown Downer's Grove (the cutest, quietest little village ever) and ate at Giordano's, watched trains, and then got ice cream. Needless to say, I'm going to need to keep up my five mile running routine on Monday morning.

Lily's least favorite, the caboose.

This picture pretty much sums up our week. I said, "Lily, can you smile?" Three year olds are the best/worst. 

Jack loves the stroller, but hates his car seat. Hashtag baby logic. 

Lily loved the sparklers and pop-its that we got. I'm glad that we didn't get anything bigger because I was so worn out and ready for bed by the time we played with those for half an hour. I am old.

Lily started out being a little freaked out by one sparkler, then she promptly said, "I want two of thems please."

Then she began dancing with them with such a serious expression on her face and it was all I could do behind the camera to not crack up.


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  1. 5 mile running routine?? Picked up running? Bravo friend!