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Thursday, January 7, 2016

one more day

Today, I'm enjoying the last day of Jack being a nine month old.

My almost-toddling little boy is growing so fast. It's so much faster the second time around. Let's not even talk about how Lily is interested in hair and clothes now.

Jack is always busy. He's either tearing books off of my bookshelf, hurriedly crawling after his older sister, or turning over the bin of toys.

His favorite things include:
Nursing (as always)
Exploring kitchen cabinets
Climbing onto Lily's bed
Taking a bath in the big bathtub 
Banging on the sliding glass doors
Smiling at everyone
Pulling Lily's hair
Snuggling with mama
Walking with his walker and along furniture

He's the happiest little kid. He's so social and is often mesmerized by new faces. The other night at Cracker Barrel, he stared at an elderly couple sitting near us for the entire meal. They thought it was hilarious when he would tug on my sleeve to get my attention when it was not on him.

It's hard to remember life before he came along. He fits so well into our little family with his happy and likable personality. Unless he's teething or in his carseat, he is smiling. Always. You almost have to witness it to believe it. When I take photos of him, all I have to do is play peek-a-boo behind the camera and he will give me a big grin. 

Jack is 100% a mama's boy. He stops crying the second I pick him up. If I've been gone for five minutes or a few hours, he is beside himself with happiness when I return. It's such a warm feeling, being someone's favorite person. I can't get enough of his chub and folds of fat. I gnaw on them daily. 

Love you, Jackie boy. I am putty in your chubby hands.

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