Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy Days

Today was absolutely wonderful.

Words probably couldn't describe it

and I am not always the best at coming up with good adjectives anyway.

We climbed into scary holes

and went fishing
Paul was disappointed because we didn't catch anything

but I was secretly kind of glad.

We finally found a delicious Mexican food restaurant in Provo.

It is called Los Tres Amigos.

After our mexican food date, we met up with the Phillips Brothers Three (Marc, Dan, & John) minus John to see Shrek: The Final Chapter.

It was very sad in some parts.

I am not brave like Paul and I cried.

He told me secrets to make me feel better.

(telling secrets is actually Paul kissing my ears)

I love days like today.

They make me feel so good about my life.

I am so happy.

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