Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday, the happiest day of the week

I love Sundays.

I mean, I really love Sundays.

Church in the morning,

naps in the afternoon,

and food with family and friends in the evening.

I also love to cook.

I mean, I really love to cook.

Every Sunday, I cook a fabulous dinner for the people that I love.

Well, not always fabulous.

Sometimes I burn the rolls.

But the plates are always licked clean. (literally)

I also love my roommates.

I mean, I really love them.

Meghan has the biggest, most kind heart of anyone I have ever met.

Tara... well she's TARA. She is a returned missionary and I have so much respect for her. She knows what she wants and how she wants it.

Jenna is my beautiful, health fanatic, tri-athalon trainee awesome roommate. She even eats vegan waffles she is that cool.

I also love my Paul.

I mean, I really love him.

So much that I am going to marry him in exactly four months from today.

I love him so much, that I even share my milk with him.

I never share milk with anyone because I am a germophobe. That is a very big deal.

Eternity really just isn't long enough.

I also love my brothers.

I mean, I really love them.

Technically, we're not related... yet.

I never had brothers as a little girl, and I recently inherited FOUR.

Yes, FOUR brothers. I know.

Steve is the brainy, sarcastic, and talented one. He is currently working on a degree in Physics from Berkeley.

Marc is the sweet, level-headed one. He does an excellent gorilla impression.

Dan is the stinking hilarious one. And by hilarious, I mean he can make you wet your pants laughing. He can do just about anything.

John is the sensitive youngest brother. He is very easy to talk to and good company when I am in need. I can't wait to write him letters on his mission.

Every Sunday, I cook for my roommates, my Paul, and my brothers (minus Steve because he lives in California). We sit in the living room and talk, laugh, and eat. It is the happiest day of the week. We are blessed to be together and to have each other.

I look forward to Sunday ALL week.

Because I love being around people that I love.

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