Sunday, December 19, 2010

Favorite Weekend

I am feeling unusually poignant this rainy Sunday evening as I lament the end to another weekend. Not many people know how sentimental I am; in fact, I unintentionally keep this part of me hidden from most. I am so ridiculously sentimental that I do some of the strangest things - like crying over a dish I found in my drying rack that my grandmother washed. I won't go into further, more pathetic detail. This weekend was full of a juxtaposing emotions, from elation that my grandparents were in Utah to sobbing when I had to say goodbye. I have difficulty handling my emotions when I am by myself, but I am fortune enough to have found a loving husband who understands and lets me wipe my snot on his t-shirt when I am upset. Gross, I know.

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