Friday, February 4, 2011

Plague, Devotion, etc

"No one falls in love by choice, it is by chance.
No one stays in love by choice, it is by work.
And no one falls out of love by chance, it is by choice."

I have been gradually getting sicker and sicker since Christmas. The plague finally reared its ugly head right before my birthday. By plague I actually mean the flu, but you get the idea.

The past two weeks have made me realize what an incredible husband I have.

While I was laying in a feverish daze, he did everything.

Not only did he bring me medicine and force lots of fluid down my throat, but he washed the dishes (by hand), washed seven loads of laundry, put all of the clean laundry away, and drove my sorry sick self the doctor's office.

He held me when I started crying because my ear felt like it was exploding (later found out that I had a nasty ear infection) and helped me use the water pick.

Most newlywed men don't expect to have to baby and take care of a snot monster of a wife such as myself.

He puts up with so much from me; I am a very ornery person at times. I have learned so much about devotion since meeting him. He makes me laugh after I come home from work after a bad day and vent my frustration at him. He tells me that I am beautiful even when I haven't showered in four days, have puffy eyes, cracked lips, and am using his shirt as a snot rag. He never raises his voice or gets angry. He will sit through something mind numbing and boring just to support me. Even when I am not sick, I come home to him wearing my bright pink rubber gloves and washing the dishes. He is constantly singing or whistling around the house, and while it may be annoying after a while, it always makes our home seem brighter. I love him with my whole heart and I can't imagine life without him. Sometimes it feels like my life didn't actually begin until I met him.


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  1. So cute! Sorry you have been sick, I hope it passes soon