Monday, June 20, 2011

Alaska Tours

Yesterday I got a tour of some of the most magnificent Alaska scenery.

I lucked out and got my own personal guide (who knows perfect CPR) to drive me around Alaska.

The experience was so overwhelming, that I needed lots of CPR at the especially beautiful spots where we parked.

My guide took me to see waterfalls, glaciers, bald eagles, mountains, and Beluga whales.

It was quite the exhilarating experience.

(It didn't help that my guide also happened to be extremely sexy)

My guide and I also toured a charming little sea port called Whittier.

Have you ever eaten shrimp that was caught that very day?

If you ever travel to Alaska, I highly recommend touring Whittier and the surrounding area.

But be sure that you tour guide was as good-looking as mine was.

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