Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Papa's Day

As some of you might know about me, I didn't know much of my biological father growing up.

That was his choice, and no one else's.

Fortunately, I still grew up with a dad, I just called him my Papa.

He is the only man who has been there every day since I was born. The only one who attended all of my birthday parties, taught me how to ride a bike, and spanked me when I was five and called him a shit head. Yes, I did that.

Every year on my birthday, he would pull out this tape that he bought especially for me that would play a silly song that sang, "hey Mandy! It's your birthday!"

He helped me with art projects, baked chocolate chip cookies, taught me how to drive his tractor, and always took thousands of pictures of me.

My grandfather has accomplished many great things in life. From creating beautiful mosaics to cultivating orchids in his greenhouse, he's is an all-around dexterous kind of guy.

(he's very humble too - he just considers himself a "hayseed from West Texas")

Below is my favorite picture of my grandparents at their wedding.

I love my Papa, and today I think of him when I celebrate Father's Day.

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  1. I must know, was that special birthday tape like a martian that just came to say, "hey Mandy, it's your birthday!: If so, I had the same tape. But mine said Carrie of course! :)

  2. Carrie, YES that was it! How funny! I've always wondered who else out there might have had a similar tape. Small world!