Friday, June 17, 2011

Burger Joints With Taxidermy

Sorry it's been so quiet over here on the blog front.

Paul (my lover man) and I have been on many adventures as far as food goes here in Alaska.

Thank goodness I haven't been required to eat whale blubber. Or walrus tongue. Yet.

We ate at a quaint little burger joint called 'Arctic Roadrunner' a few nights ago.

Only in Alaska do you run across taxidermy in a burger joint.

Then, there was this 'world-famous' pizza parlor called the 'Moose's Tooth' that Paul was begging me to go to.

Of course, they had taxidermy there too.

I was planning on taking a picture of the pizza on my plate and then ate it so quickly that I forgot. Yes, I am a piggy when it comes to my pizza. Don't judge.

Also, there are big, big, big changes coming to my blog soon. So take a good admiring look at it now! Because it will never be the same again! (probably)

...PLUS I have a big fat secret. (!!!)


  1. oh man, that pizza looks so good... i'm so jealous you are in alaska- the midwest is sweatier than ever. ps, i can't wait to hear the secret... i'll be praying it's the one that I want for you! haha.

  2. Tara! You guys rock. It was so fun meeting your little family. It is sunny and sixty degrees here. Perfect fishing weather! The midwest was fun for awhile but our hearts belong in Alaska! And I'm afraid you've already guessed my secret!

  3. Seriously, they don't have that in Texas? That legitimately surprises me. I've been in gas stations with taxidermy in VA and West Va. Not to mention restaurants.

  4. Apparently you've never been to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. There's definitely taxidermy in some burger joints up there... ;)