Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dinner With the Blackley's

We love the Blackley's.

Tonight, I thought that I would be eating walrus tongue at their house.

I was told this beforehand and lied to (thankfully).

It was actually barbecued pork.

The Blackley's are a sweet family that Paul
knew when he was serving a full-time mission for our church, about two years ago.

Facebook really does keep the world connected, and I am so grateful.

All of their young sons have each shot a moose.

They even have a buffalo on their wall; they are true Alaskans!

Julie (Mrs. Blackley) reads my blog. Our stupid place doesn't have an oven or wi-fi so she has kindly let me bring over my laptop so that I can blog about her family from her house.

We're planning on baking sweet rolls all summer.

We love you, Blackley's! Thanks for not feeding me walrus tongue for dinner.

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