Thursday, June 9, 2011


Today is my last sunrise for quite awhile.

In Alaska, the sun doesn't go down during the summer (what the what?)

So this morning I woke early to view my last mountain sunrise for at least three months.

I love the watching the morning mist slowly ascend above the mountains around me. It is very peaceful. I feel like I'm glimpsing into another world when I see nature like this; these tiny miracles help me to forget all of my worries for awhile.

I know I posted a picture I took of a hummingbird yesterday, but I cannot stop taking pictures of them. My mother-in-law walked in on me yesterday standing perfectly still on the porch, holding my iPhone up with little kid eagerness. I'm still sort of embarrassed about that.

So here's another for you.

Good morning, world!


  1. mountain sunrises are the best!

  2. For some reason, Blogger is not letting certain individuals post comments. Lame!

  3. You should hold the feeder with your fingers parallel with the place they land. Hold real still and they'll land on your finger so drink.