Friday, September 9, 2011

Letters to Baby

Dear baby,

Today started out rough, especially after we were up all night. But you must already know how to put a smile on your mama's face because just a moment ago, you kicked your dad's hand for the first time! All afternoon, I've been laying under my quilt, listening to the rain, and feeling your flutters and kicking. Up until now, only I could feel you waltzing around my belly. Now your dad is all bubbly and excited (more than he already was) about your presence in our lives. He keeps talking and blowing raspberries on my belly, hoping you'll hear. The raspberries might stop though, because today the ultrasound jelly that was still on my belly got into his mouth. I don't think he liked that much. He likes telling you to hurry up and finish cooking so we can hold you. I'm sure he'll eat those words in later years. Please keep up the flouncing and bouncing because it makes your old man oh so giddy and funny.


Your mother

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