Friday, November 11, 2011

letters to baby

Dear baby,

You are such a little goober. The past few days, we've been playing this game where you roll over and stick your wee munchkin head out just below my belly button, hoping for a head rub. If I stop rubbing your head, you give my belly button a fist bump to remind me that you need attention. This game is seriously hindering my studying, because all I want to do is lay under the quilt and rub your head. At least, I think it's your head. It could very well be your bum. Whatever I'm feeling is pretty hard and round, just like your dad's head. Most of the time, you prop your feet up in my ribs. I feel like an ottoman. You also react to your dad's voice - probably because he's kind of a loudmouth. Other noises make you jump, which is hilarious. And then of course your daily bout of the hiccups. Watching my entire belly move up and down in rhythm has replaced all other sources of entertainment. I know once you officially "turn" and start getting ready for your grand entrance to the world, I will feel you move around less, which makes me kind of sad. I feel like your childhood is already flying by too quickly! And you're not even born yet! I'm sure having you to hold in my arms will be even cooler than feeling you flop around in my belly, though. I cannot wait to meet you. Keep up the flopping and I'll keep up the head rubs.


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  1. Super cute! I don't know though about feeling baby less when it turns to come out. They are so big in such a small space by then that yeah maybe they don't roll anymore but the kicking is still very much there :D Enjoy!

  2. Once, I turned on our blender suddenly and A made a HUGE jump--bigger than any others I'd felt previously. It was so funny and surprising!...and I also felt a little bad for scaring her accidentally. ( : As for the moving less when they turn, I'm not sure, either--A was turned head down for a long time (as long as I remember) and I felt her until a few days before I perhaps you'll get to enjoy the wiggling longer than expected!