Thursday, November 10, 2011

a month of thanks - my missionary

Today I am grateful that my husband served a mission for our church.

You know those cute teenage/young twenty-something young men you see riding around on bikes while wearing suits? Yeah. Paul was one of those.

Except that he mostly wore heavy winterwear since he served in the state of Alaska.

Missionaries for our church go all over the world and are away from their families for two whole years with no breaks. They leave their loved ones for a short time so that others might be with their loved ones for eternity.

(Missionaries go all over the world, but not to the moon... yet)

I am grateful that he served a mission because it was on his mission that Paul claims he learned the most about his life. Our family has been blessed multiple times because of his decision to serve a mission.

(these two families have become our close friends - just one of the many great things to come from Paul serving a mission)

I love this video of Paul and some of the other missionaries serving in Alaska at the time.

We love Alaska.

Thanks for serving a mission, darling.

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