Saturday, December 3, 2011

a month of thanks - marriage

I'm a little behind on this, but this morning I was reminded of how grateful I am for my marriage.

Being married to my best friend has made the past year and two months the best of my life.

Sometimes I feel like my life didn't really begin until I met Paul.

I know that nowadays, getting married seems pointless to a lot of people.

I guess our marriage is fun because we make it that way. I don't feel anchored down or burdened because I have a husband at home waiting for me at night. I get excited just going to the grocery store with him.

Life has gotten more fun and enjoyable since being married, not boring and listless.

More fun and enjoyment (and poopy diapers) is coming in less than two months!

Marriage isn't always blissful. Sometimes we can't agree on what to have for dinner, or how to spend our money, but that's what's awesome about marriage - figuring it out. It's an adventure for two people who love each other to grow even closer.

My love for Paul grows a little every day. Even on the not-so-good days.

By the time we're old, that's going to be a lot of loving.

I am no expert on marriage, but here are a few things I've picked up on how to be happy:
  1. You will disagree. You will argue. When it happens, be the first to apologize. Then kiss and hug and dance around the kitchen singing silly songs until it's all better. Then don't bring it up again or use it against each other in the future. I am more guilty of not doing these things than Paul is. I'm trying to be better.
  2. Tell each other every night that you're still in love. Every night, Paul and I say "you're my very best friend" before we go to sleep. It's become a tradition that I hope never stops.
  3. This is an awkward one, but one of the most important. Paul and I didn't live together or... have sex with each other before we got married. I think it's made being married extra special. I'm not saying that to sound stuck up or better than anyone who is living with their significant other before marriage. I'm saying it because I really believe it. I knew Paul was "the one" because he wouldn't even touch me until our wedding night. The guy waited an entire year to marry me. That is devotion. I couldn't ask for a better man.
  4. Don't play games. If you're upset, say so. If something is bothering you, either get over it or just say it. This is especially true for us women. Men don't pick up on a lot of things that can upset us.
  5. Let the little things slide. Choose your battles. What's more important? Being right or being kind and loving to your spouse?
Marriage is I highly recommend it.

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