Wednesday, February 22, 2012

more of the munchkin

(she's already choosing good literature just like her momma)

Saying we're obsessed with our wee one just wouldn't cover it. If we're friends on Facebook, you've probably blocked me on your news feed because I can't stop taking pictures of her and posting them. Having a newborn in the house is fantastic. Lily never cries unless something is seriously wrong: diaper changes, needing to eat, zombie apocalypse, etc. We're still holding our breaths, waiting for her to turn into the terror child that all of the other parents have been telling us we're going to have. "Get sleep now because soon you're not going to be getting any" they said. Then she sleeps eight hours and we have to wake her up to feed her. Not that I'm complaining, but I was kind of looking forward to the new parent suffering stage so that I could act like a veteran when other people are talking about their newborns. 

Right now Lily's party tricks include:
nursing (we're going to enter her in a gallon challenge contest)
pooping explosively
sneezing and tooting at the same time (we'll work on becoming a lady later)
peering around the room with a very concerned look on her face (she can probably sense the nargles)
eating blankets
peeing on Paul

On that note, here is a video of her hiccuping just like she did in my belly. 


  1. Baby hiccups are awfully sweet and so is LILY! Don't worry; she'll probably just get even better with time (although you wonder how that's possible) rather than the other way around. Hooray!

  2. Aww I'm glad she's such a good baby! That's how Lydia was too. I thought everyone was just lying to me ;) I'm glad she's easy and that you're having fun!

  3. I'm so glad she is such a good baby!! Hunter was a great baby like that too! So if your first is this easy, just wait til your second! ;] Parker is my payin' for your raisin' baby!

  4. It is beginning to actually frighten me how similar our two firstborn experiences are proving to be. The well-behaved, good sleeper is an exchange for the tailbone. I'm just saying. And NONE of us are getting tired of any post or pictures...