Friday, April 13, 2012

bedtime stories

Lily hasn't been feeling so hot since we've been in Texas. 

Her poor little nose is running and she has a nasty cough.

Today, my grandmother and I ran all over Amarillo looking for a doctor who would agree to see her. We ended up in the BSA Emergency Room. Turns out her stuffiness is just allergies.

Poor thing just can't catch a break. She inherited these lovely allergies from her great-grandfather, pictured with her above. He makes up for it by reading her lots of bedtime story books.

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  1. poor girl. ellis had a horrible coldorsomething a couple of weeks ago, i thought it might never pass. we did lots of steamy shower bathroom sitting, got a humidifier (you can usually find one at goodwill) and used vicks (on the bottom of his feet in socks? weird, i know, but i swear it helped). i hope she feels better soon. have fun in texas, i'm hoping to drive down there in 2 weeks too...