Saturday, April 14, 2012

month two

Party tricks:
-Smiling shyly
-Scooting away from me as I try to put a diaper on her
-Sneezing at everything in sight
-Sticking her feet under the water faucet during bathtime
-Eating 30+ ounces a day
-Staring with huge eyes at her Baby Einstein videos, shapes, Meme's kitchen faucet, and our faces
-Skyping with her grandparents
-Holding her head up to peek out of the Moby wrap
-Still pooing explosively

See month one

1 comment:

  1. Ugh.. usually Lydia's poopies aren't that bad.. But yesterday before the inlaws came into town, she was sitting on the carpet, while I was putting make up on in the bathroom. Jonathan started yelling for me (while playing halo) and when I came over I noticed Lydia with such an explosive diaper, that, while sitting, she managed to poop so much it went up her back and fell ON to the floor! YUCK! I didn't even know that was possible (and yeah, I took pictures haha).. Guess who had to scrub that out? ...sigh.. :)