Sunday, June 17, 2012


    I remember sobbing to Paul that I absolutely could not do this. He gripped my hand in his, brushed my hair back, and told me that I absolutely was doing it. Then, with the last of my strength, I pushed our baby into this world. As soon as our new family of three was alone in the hospital room, he offered a prayer of thanks to our Heavenly Father for a healthy child. Lily lay on my chest, staring up at her dad while the words left him. I'll never forget that first look she gave him. It felt as though she already recognized us, her parents. Her eyes bored into each of ours as if to say, "finally, we are together".

Above: the first time Paul held our Lily
Below: Daddy-baby nap time the day we came home from the hospital

   There are few things in this life that are as wholeheartedly wonderful as creating a baby with one who has stolen your heart. Paul's commitment to me and to our daughter runs so labyrinthine through each of his actions, that at times, it overwhelms me that such a person is holding my hand through my path of life. Growing up sans biological father in my childhood home has made me especially appreciative that I married a man who is so devoted.

happy father's day

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