Monday, September 24, 2012

monday schmonday

I am not going to stress over...
  • the dishwasher that I melted last week
  • the fact that every dish I own is dirty and hidden in my melted dishwasher
  • the piles of dirty diapers in the nursery right now
  • the people I occasionally unintentionally offend
  • Lily throwing what little schedule we were on right out the window
  • my unmade bed (unmade beds are taken very seriously in this house)
  • finding a babysitter so that I can attend class
  • my dying chrysanthemums
  • weeping angels (from Doctor Who)
  • Paul ripping down the beautiful vines around our house
  • the ugly paint color still in my front room
  • our creaky bathtub waking up our basement tenants
  • the empty kitchen pantry 
  • our broken sprinkler thing
  • the painful cavity that we can't afford to get fixed
instead, I'm going to think about:
  • hobbits
  • fried okra from my grandmother's garden
  • Paul's mission companion and his sweet wife who are coming to visit us next weekend
  • the General Conference for our church (also next weekend)
  • the poppies that I just planted in my front yard
  • my grandmother's chocolate meringue pie
  • the fall colors all around me
  • the fall temperatures all around me
  • the pumpkin chocolate chip scones I will be baking as soon as I have a functioning kitchen again
  • Christmas!
  • this picture:

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