Sunday, September 23, 2012

a Saturday out on the town

Today is the two year anniversary of Paul and I gettin' hitched and shackin' up together.

He's the best lover/roommate/best friend I've ever had.

Since today is Sunday, he took me out yesterday for some celebratory fun.

We took a drive up through Provo canyon to admire the autumnal colors.

Lily took one look at the incredible colors and then conked out the rest of the drive. 

We stopped for milkshakes from Granny's in Heber (we weren't impressed. Dairy Keen is exponentially better) and then continued on to Salt Lake City to visit the temple where Paul and I were married. Lily had fun crawling all over the place.

Then we stopped at City Creek mall to play in the fountain and listen to music. Lily loved watching the fountain shoot water all over the place and kept trying to stick her face into the stream. Such a funny little thing.

Then we stopped at Market Street Grill for dinner... which was a mistake. While it was delicious, it was way too expensive for us starving students and I'm pretty sure we're going to eat hot dogs for dinner for the rest of the month to make up for it. Paul was really sweet and insisted I get an entree while he ate nothing but a salad (which ended up tasting terrible). I love hanging out with my two favorites and I wish every Saturday could be this much fun. Thanks for taking me out on the town, lover man!

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