Saturday, September 22, 2012


Two years ago today, I had the best butterflies in my stomach.

The kind that made me squeal out loud every time I thought about him.

Two years ago today was the night before I married this guy:

I wrote this post about waiting so long to marry him. 

376 days seems like nothin' now.

We've been together for 1,106 days and have even added a special little person to our eternity.

Time has flown by - but I guess it does when you're having fun.

Even through the disagreements, the stresses, and the burned dinners, we are still together and stronger than before. If there's anything I've learned in the last two years, it is that marriage takes a daily amount of devoted effort. It isn't one of those things that you can put off until the end and then add a splendid touch to bring it all together. It is a process of humility, devotion, and kindness. Every single day. Even the days when the baby is teething, the washing machine is broken, and BYU loses a football game. Instead of a daily chore, it becomes a pleasure to find little ways to make the other happy. I thank my lucky stars that Paul and I are still able to stay up until the wee hours of the morning trying to contain our hysterical laughter, lest we wake the baby. Oh, how that man can make me roll with laughter. I still get butterflies when he pulls me in for a kiss.

Thanks for two years, my Polliwog. I'm so glad we're chums forever.

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