Friday, November 2, 2012

a very hobbit-y Halloween

So, despite the fact that I had to rip out seams just to get Lily's costume over her head, we had a really fun Halloween! If you're nerdbombers like us, you'll appreciate our costumes. Paul was Samwise Gamgee, I was Rosie Cotton Gamgee, and Lily was Elanor the Fair (the eldest of Sam and Rosie's thirteen children). 

We went and partied at the Derrick's house and had so much fun catching up with friends from our former ward! Lily got to see some friends (Eva the Elephant and Nacho Libre) that she hasn't seen in a few months and even met the Witch King of Angmar who screamed at her every time she tried to steal his toy. Of course, Lily found his screaming to be hilarious and kept getting in his face just to giggle every time he screamed bloody murder at her. We played Catch Phrase, caught up with friends, and ate way too much sugar. Thanks to the Derricks for having us over!

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  1. Okay. 1 I love how voluptuous and dark your hair is. 2 I can't believe you made all of your costumes. They rock. 3 Jonathan wanted Lydia to be nacho libre for halloween and even threatened me that he would go to the DI and get whatever he needed to "hand sew" it together. Yeah right. He can dream! Maybe for our boy, but I'm not putting a 'stache on Lydia haha.