Thursday, November 8, 2012

one of those cliché November posts

There are many things in my life that I feel grateful for that cannot be captured on film or easily described. I am grateful for many other things too, but these I am most grateful for because they took some soul-searching and quiet contemplation before I discovered them.

I am grateful for my hearing. I have several deaf Facebook friends with babies and the other day, one of them mentioned how she longed to hear the sound of her son's laughter. Her sentiment really struck a deep and poignant chord with me. After spending night after night up with a teething and sick Lily, the sound of her crying again really begins to wear on me. I've realized that with those agonizing screams, I am also blessed to be able to witness her sweet coos and 'mama!'s. I get to watch in amusement as she whispers secrets to her rubber duck that only she can understand and laugh at her peals of excitement when she sees another baby.

random, unrelated photograph of Lily because she is ridiculously cute and it's my blog so whatever

I am grateful to be a home owner. I just finished reading Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. If you're needing to find something to be grateful about in your life, read this book. It is a horrifyingly true account of a slave girl's life. She spent seven years hiding from her master in a crawl space so small that she couldn't move her arms or legs. All the while, she painfully watched as her children grew up without her presence in their lives, despite technically living in the same vicinity. She suffered that her children might be free. I will never find our home small again. 

I am grateful for the quiet love I share with Paul. This one is really cliche (sorry) and cheesy (sorry some more) but I feel like it needs saying. There are days when we're ready to slam doors and give each other the silent treatment, but they are rare and not as common as the days filled with affection for one another. As we watch more of our friends divorce and bitterly part ways, we cling on all the tighter to each other. I love when he playfully sniffs my ear to make me laugh and when he pets my hair even though it's on his pillow and in his face. He is my very best friend. 
*I should also mention that he is cooking dinner as I type this. Though, he almost set my oven mitt on fire because he left it on the stove burner. Men.*

Paul was doing the "we-are-finally-married dance"

I am grateful for my camera. My grandfather is an avid photographer and through him, I am able to see many beloved moments of my childhood on film. I am grateful each day that he lent me his old camera to capture Lily's childhood as well. If it weren't for him, I'd probably still be documenting her life with my cell phone.

a photograph taken by my grandfather of my mother as a toddler

I am grateful to the people who bother reading this humble little blog. I'm pretty sure that just includes my grandparents and a handful of Facebook friends, but that's okay. I don't need this blog for attention like I feel that so many blogs I have looked at do. Most of the time, I imagine that I am writing to grown-up Lily. This blog has allowed me to document her babyhood in a digital scrapbook, which is awesome because I am royally terrible at scrapbooking. 

*Paul finished making dinner and I am now eating it on his side of the bed. That's what he gets for almost killing my favorite oven mitt with fire.*

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