Wednesday, November 14, 2012

month nine

Party tricks:

-jumping on mama and daddy's bed in the morning
-pulling off her diaper
-this weird flappy lip thing when she's upset
-saying 'mama' and 'bottle' (ba-ba)
-being extremely social with other littles around her age
-refusing to get dressed
-sharing popsicles with daddy
-stealing her uncles' hearts
-feeding herself whatever she finds on the ground
-crawling up the stairs
-drinking from her sippy cup
-licking walls
-pulling out mama's hair
-turning pages in her storybooks
-stealing mama's embroidery thread
-throwing mashed bananas like it's an Olympic sport
-saving Cheerios in her diaper for later
-loving pickles just like her daddy
-quacking at things she likes
-being very opinionated and stubborn (no idea where she gets it from)
-yelling at the Teletubbies
-sucking on her toe after it gets pricked for her iron level test
-walking from piece of furniture to piece of furniture
-getting into everything she's not supposed to
-yelling for more graham crackers
-hanging on tightly when she doesn't want to be put down (which is always)
-giving kisses on demand

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